Multi Terminal/Outlet Support

Mobingo POS allows central support (admin) of multiple terminals and produces terminal wise reports for detailed information on each terminal transactions and operations


Informative Dashboard

Mobingo POS dashboard gives a bird’s- eye view of the business. Customer count, sale orders, purchase orders, vendors, account summary in a dashboard information

Centralize system managemnt


Mobinngp POS Give every customer the flexibility to change their minds with simple refund processing and returns.



Terminal inventory transfer



Mobingo POS is flexible to transfer items among branches with simple process with admin approve.

The best way to make sales today

Mobingo POS is a centralized point-of-sale device that makes selling to consumers easy and keeps them coming back to your shop. It runs on PCs, both online and offline, and is so easy to use that the employees will be selling in no time. Mobingo integrates with the most widely used point-of-sale hardware and software.

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How it Works

The entire system is comprised of a central server that serves as a virtual store and is managed by admin privileges. You can position orders from various outlets in both offline and online mode with Mobingo POS, which will affect the inventory in the backend system and display accurate stock status in different outlets. Also when integrated with online order placing or Mobile application order, this will automatically impact on the virtual inventory as well. With consistent stock details and proper distribution to the consumer, the overall method makes sale easy.


Speed up checkout with a powerful and flexible point of sale system

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Admin features



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